3 Nintendo Consoles are honored in Time's Most Influential Gadgets

Time released a list of fifty gadgets they feel have been very influential in the technology space.  Interestingly enough, Nintendo won three of the spots with three of their consoles.  Placing at number 32 on the list was the Nintendo Wii.  Time felt this was highly influential as the console expanded the video game market to include parents and grandparents and got people off the couch.   Placing at 16 was the original Nintendo Gameboy.  Back in 1989, Nintendo invented portable gaming with the release of the Gameboy.   This showed that people enjoyed gaming on the go, and gave a reason for cell phones and tablets to have games.  Placing just above the Gameboy at number 15, was the NES.  As most are aware, it was this console that saved the video game industry back in early 1980’s.  This console established the gaming industry as we know it today.

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