Sadame is a curious little game. The graphics are straight out of the SNES era and the gameplay reminds me of Diablo. The story is your simple, standard RPG fare.

In the beginning, you pick one of 4 characters and start your journey. You go through Acts that are comprised of chapters. Each chapter ends with a boss battle. Rinse and repeat. One thing I feel needs to be brought up is the initial difficulty. It’s laughable until the 4th Act or so. At that point the difficulty spikes to an almost unfair level.

All in all its a neat little game that may be a bit too easy at first to justify 15 dollars, but if you don’t mind mashing the B button and occasionally casting a random spell, this game might be for you.

Reviewed by MikeOdd of Reddit.com/r/3DS

Sadame Trailer: