Nintendo's Looking For Canada's Biggest #ZeldaFan!

Are you the biggest The Legend of Zelda  fan in Canada? For the couple of us writers at NintendoFuse that are from the Great White North I could say we are a couple of the biggest fans on staff. But beyond that, Nintendo of Canada has launched a contest to find Canada’s biggest #ZeldaFan.


To enter all you need to do is create and share a video, or a piece of artwork, or cosplay, or tell Nintendo about an experience you had with The Legend of Zelda. Share them on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #ZeldaFan and #NintendoContest.

The grand price winner is going to have their submission displayed at The Legend of Zelda Symphony Canadian shows. They will also receive a prize pack that has Hyrule Warriors LegendsTwilight Princess HD, a Wii U and New 3DS XL!

So to our Canadian readers, get out there and share!


Source: Nintendo of Canada Email