Ambrella Has Been Acquired & Absorbed by Creatures Inc.

The studio best known for the Pokémon Rumble series is now part of the Pokémon family.

Creatures Inc., the 1/3 shareholder of the Pokémon Company has acquired and absorbed Ambrella. Originally announced in October 2020, the deal is officially confirmed and the studio has disbanded. With these types of business deals, the employees of the studio are likely to still be employed.

Ambrella created a variety of spin-offs for the Pokémon series. Their first title was Hey You, Pikachu! for the N64, followed by Pokémon Channel for GameCube, Pokémon Dash for DS, and My Pokémon Ranch for WiiWare. Since 2009, they were mostly making games in the Pokémon Rumble series. Their last product was Pokémon Rumble Rush for Android and iOS in 2019 which shut down one year later.

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