Big Nintendo Direct Shows Off Tons of Games and Content Coming Our Way!

As we reported on our social media, Nintendo dropped a gigantic Nintendo Direct today. Let’s jump into all the announcements. Yes, there are quite a few!

Overwatch is coming to the Switch on 10/15. It will include the Noire Widowmaker skin, 3 months of Switch Online, and some new motion controls to enhance the gameplay experience.

Luigi’s Mansion 3, coming out on 10/31, showed off new gameplay of various rooms, and a new ScreamPark gameplay trailer. In it, you and up to 7 other friends can compete in various mini-games. All in all it looks to be an amazing addition to one of my most anticipated games.

Super Kirby Clash, available today, pits you and a few friends together against a series of monsters in a wondrous adventure. You’ll be able to pick your abilities to match your foes and have a wonderful time.

Little Town Hero, releasing on 10/16, is the new game from Game Freak where you play as Axe and defend your town from monsters using various skills and support from townspeople to come out victorious. A new and interesting RPG coming from the team behind Pokémon. They even have Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, composing some of the music. The game is also available for Pre-Purchase today.

Big additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Later today, Banjo- Kazooie will be released along with their stage. Banjo’s play style is very interesting and looks to be a fun character to play. Also announced was Terry from Fatal Fury will be the next DLC character to be released. He wasn’t shown off too much, but could be a great contender for the world of SSB. That isn’t all the big announcements though, as a 5.0 update was announced, adding the fan favorite Home-Run Contest. Sakurai also noted that they have decided to continue creating DLC fighters for the game. The last bit of news was some Mii costumes from other great games such as: Megaman, Mystical Ninja, and the big surprise, Sans from Undertale. All in all an amazing showing for SSBU.

More gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was shown and they spoke more about the Chamber Dungeon and how you can save your dungeon to one of the Zelda Amiibo that are currently out, along with the Link’s Awakening amiibo which releases alongside the game on 9/20.

Trials of Mana, a remake of the original, was announced. It will be released on 4/24 next year.

Return of the Obra Dinn, Fall 2019, is a game where you put together the missing pieces of a pirate ship as you use a mystical item to look into the deaths of the various crew members of this one ship.

More gameplay was shown of Dragonquest XI, 9/27. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore will be coming to the Switch with new songs and content on 1/17 in 2020.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, was announced. In it, you solve a serial killer case as you travel between the past and present. Releases next year, but the first game of the series will be available for purchase today via the Nintendo eShop.

A release of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be making it’s way to the Switch later today.

Bethesda then showed off a re-release of Doom 64 that will be out 11/22. Rogue Company was announced from Hi-Rez studios, a game where you face challenges, play with and against friends, and tackle different methods based on your characters specialties. The game releases in 2020.

More Pokémon Sword and Shield gameplay was shown, giving us a better look at the Galar region and new things to do in it. You will be able to have a much more vast array of clothing options, become a chef to cook up some curry, set up camp and play with your Pokémon or even visit another players. Also shown off were a few new Pokémon that I am excited to throw into my team.

Next up is some news about Nintendo Online. They will start adding SNES games tomorrow, with a great selection of games such as: Link to the Past, Kirby’s, Dream Course, Mario Kart, Starfox, and much more. With it, they will be releasing a wireless SNES controller for $29.99 via the Nintendo Online Store.

An update will be coming today to Tetris 99 allowing more ways of competing against those elite players, completing certain tasks, getting new themes and badges and more. A physical version will be releasing on 9/6 which also includes 12 months of Nintendo Online.

More gameplay was shown of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 showing off the new…well should I say retro style games. There was also a brief mention of minigames, unlockable characters, and a storymode involving getting trapped in a game of the 1964 olympics. Available 11/5.

Daemon X Machina releases on 9/12 with a new demo being available today. You will be able to play the prologue of the game while also being able to transfer your data to the full game on release.

A port of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast will release on 9/24.

On 10/15 you will be able to play the port of the Witcher 3 along with all of it’s DLC content.

Dauntless will also be ported to the Switch soon along with crossplay and new content.

Assassins Creed Rebel Collection was also announced.

A sizzle reel was also shown of games coming to the Switch: Just Dance 2020 (11/5), GRID Autosport (9/19), Farming Simulator 2020 (12/3), Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (9/20), NBA 2K20 (9/6), Call of Cthulu (10/8), The Outer Worlds (TBA), Devil May Cry 2 (9/19), Vampyr (10/29)

Next up is some great news on Animal Crossing New Horizons, coming out on 3/20/20. In the gameplay shown, you got to see how you work around your own island, finding materials, crafting them into tools, and designing your world like the other Animal Crossing games. You will be able to play local multiplayer up to 4 people, or online with up to 8 players. All in all looks like an amazing game and a must have for the fans of the series or those wanting to get into it.

The last game shown was a rerelease of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition coming in 2020.

In the end, this was a jam packed Nintendo Direct, filled with tons of big game announcements, gameplay, and other great surprises. I was already sold with Luigi’s Mansion, Zelda, and SSBU, but all the other announcements really take the cake! Let us know what you thought of the Direct in the comments section below!