CyberConnect2 Wants to Bring the .hack Series to Nintendo Switch

CyberConnect2 is hoping to bring their popular PS2 series of action RPGs, the .hack series, to Nintendo Switch; however, Bandai-Namco the I.P. holder is hesitant. 

The specific entry that the company and many fans have expressed interest in is .hack//G.U. Last Recode, which released in 2017 for PS4 and PC. It is a remaster of the three G.U. games that exist within the .hack series. The trilogy simulates an MMO cyber world without actually being online. 

“It’s hard to predict the cost of porting and the sales prospects,” as Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2, stated when asked in a Japanese fan Q&A. Matsuyama goes on to say how they submitted proposals to Bandai-Namco several times, but they refused due to opportunity costs and the fact of CyberConnect2’s long-standing relationship with Sony. Interestingly, Matsuyama then states, “Even during the production of Last Recode for PS4, we knew that Nintendo Switch was a huge hit all over the world and there was talk of releasing the game on Switch.” 

He then encourages fan to contact Bandai-Namco to let them know of a desire to play .hack//G.U. Last Recode on Switch: “Your requests might be able to change their mind because they value fans’ feedback the most. Of course, we will continue to make this request as well but we would love your support!”

Would you like to see the .hack series makes its way to the Nintendo Switch? Feel free to comment below!