Dark Souls Remastered coming to Switch October 19, 2018

From Software and Bandai Namco haven’t forgotten about those of us who love to take our games on the go. Some of you might remember that in the Direct Mini at the beginning of this year Nintendo announced that Dark Souls Remastered was coming to the Switch. Now we finally have a release date!

Although they said it would be in the summer, we are, in fact, getting it October 19, 2018 — which isn’t really summer, but oh well. We have a date now to look forward to getting destroyed in the Dark Souls universe.¬†We will also get all of the DLC, an amiibo of Solaire of Astoria, and the full enhanced game on Nintendo Switch.

I am not certain if I will get this one yet, I don’t really care for the really difficult games, and this one has me a little concerned that I may not be able to put the time I need into it to get good. But for all of you that love the challenge and the experience of Dark Souls, I applaud you and hope you are looking forward to having this game portably.

There will also be a pre-launch online event for everyone to try. You can join up and help each other, or hinder and cause more problems for your friends. We don’t have a date for the online experience, but my guess would be sometime late September. We do know that Nintendo’s Online Service will start in the second half of September. I may have to join in on that just to experience the game even if for a little bit.

Does this news excite you? Are you pumped up to get good at Dark Souls on your Nintendo Switch? I say, more Nintendo power to ya!