Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training Coming to Switch on January 3, 2020

Those of you who loved Brain Age on the Nintendo DS all those years ago are in for a treat. As an update to the announcement from Nintendo this month, Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training has been officially given a release date for January 3, 2020—a perfect start on some New Year’s Resolutions.

If you who have never played Brain Age on the DS, it was a wonderful little game that had various exercises and tasks to complete to help maintain healthy cognitive function and essentially train your brain. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training is bringing that experience to the Nintendo Switch and provides some new features to really get those mental cogs turning.

You’ll be able to play games such as Finger Calculations, Word Scrambles, Photographic Memory tasks, and much more. A few differences this game brings to the table include the use of the Joy-Con IR camera to detect hand movements and shapes, along with online modes. You’ll be able to show your rankings against friends and family, even online through the games Brain Age score system.

All in all, this proves to be a neat little game to pick up and it is geared towards all ages, from kids to elderly. Are you going to get those brain muscles pumping with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training? Let us know in the comments below.