First Impressions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from Best Buy Demo

As we have reported on our social media, Nintendo has been touring the United States, giving people an opportunity to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. One of the stores they visited was in Denver, so, of course, I had to jump on it!

Overall, it feels like a solid upgrade from the Wii U version but not as big of a step as Melee or Brawl gave us. I won my first match with Inkling but lost second one with Ridley. I prefer Inkling for sure since I like faster, more balanced characters.

I also recorded some quick thought while I was there, along with a few matches. I’ve placed them all below. Enjoy!

Did you get a chance to play yet? Let us know about your experience. Do you plan on going? Feel free to leave a comment below!