First Look at Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together!

Snipperclips, Cut it Tut, Together! is an adventure-puzzle game coming to Nintendo Switch e-shop in March 2017. In this bright and colorful game, players work as a team to solve puzzles in creative ways by cutting shapes into each others’ character. Aside from the characters being overly adorable, they are surprisingly useful for solving the puzzles.

The characters are brightly colored U-shapes that rotate 360 degrees for optimal snipping. They also walk and jump in their environment to complete the tasks. Players use one of the Joy-Con controllers in a SNES holding style to move the character. The game is 1-4 players in co-op or vs mode. Honestly, from the footage we’ve seen so far, this game’s co-op mode could prove to be a battle between the players if one is a bit on the mischievous side.

Personally, I’m looking forward to this game when it releases and it may make a good case to go out and spend the extra money on another¬†set of Joy-Con controllers for some 4-player action. This looks like a game that is easy for anyone to pick up and play, yet challenging and innovative¬†enough to keep veteran puzzle gamers busy while also introducing their friends to the Nintendo Switch console. Release is set for March 2017 with a MSRP of $19.99.