First Look at the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

One of the many ways to play the Nintendo Switch includes the use of the Switch Pro Controller.  While similar to the Wii U Pro Controller, it is noticeably different.

Some of the features include:

  • HD Rumble
  • Motion Controls
  • Amiibo Functionality
  • D-Pad (only controller for Switch to feature one)

The Switch Pro Controller is designed more like an Xbox controller.  The right control stick is more towards the bottom left-center, as opposed Wii U’s upper right.  The shape is nearly the same, probably with some adjustments with the new position of the right control stick.  The other features include the HD Rumble that is present on the JoyCon controllers, motion controls, and there is even a reader for amiibo.  I listed the D-pad as a feature, as it is noticeably missing from the JoyCon controllers.  There was a big discussion how the Switch combines all previous consoles, yet it is missing a D-Pad, which is present with every single console.

The biggest thing to me is that this controller costs $70, which is more than a game.  I personally do not think it really needs motion controls or the ability to scan amiibo.  Amiibo are more meant for party games, so having it included on a controller meant for serious gamers is questionable.  The same can be said for motion controls.  At the time of this writing, I do not consider this controller worth purchasing, unless you are a fighting game fan.  Having played games like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct on the SNES and N64, I definitely prefer the D-pad to an analog stick.  The D-pad allows for more precise controls.  As someone who will use the D-Pad on the Wii U GamePad or on the Nintendo 3DS when possible, it will definitely be missed.

I had pointed out on the podcast that I am willing to give the HD Rumble a chance.  It sounds very intriguing, but I have no experience to speak from.  It was also pointed out that the Switch Pro Controller will have a solid battery life, it just will not be as long as the Wii U Pro Controller.  This is to be expected a given, with the three primary new features.   I will certainly be considering this controller if it has a good sale, or when the time comes for it to have its own price drop.  Given the high cost of the accessories, this one is lower on the totem pole for me, as I had a Wii U Pro Controller early on, but have not used it enough to justify that price of $50.