iOS 16 to Support Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controllers

Apple had their annual Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on June 6, 2022, and while many things were shared, one went under the radar that could appeal to Nintendo Switch fans. According to one developer, iOS 16 will support both Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro controllers.

Riley Testut is a developer best known for his game emulator called Delta. After testing it multiple times, he went to Twitter to share his results:

He went on to confirm that iOS 16 will recognize each Joy-Con as a separate input as well, allowing a user to dynamically switch between using the controllers separately or as one just by holding down the capture button and home button for a couple seconds.

iOS 16 will allow users to customize Nintendo’s controllers, similar to other supported controllers, by heading to your iPhone or iPad’s bluetooth options within system settings.

The Nintendo Switch controllers join the increasing number of options for iOS gamers, as users could already use Xbox, PlayStation, and specialized controllers made for iOS. With this addition, there are not too many controllers remaining that will not work.

What do you think of this surprising find? Do you plan to use your Joy-Con or Pro Controller to play games on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comments!