Is Learning with Sharena spoiling/leaking Update 3.0?

Over the past week, there have been two questionable images posted to the ‘Learning with Sharena’ site.  This site is intended for new players and teaches them different aspects of the game by having Sharena talk with Anna or Alfonse about how to approach these different topics.  It gets new updates every week, and most of them have been fine.  However, the last two updates, there’s been some questionable images detailing things that are not possible to do in the latest version of the game.

This image details what appears to be a dark/light seasons being added in.  Currently, the game rotates between four elemental seasons: Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire.  The icons are shown just to the left of “Edit Raiding Parties” which is a display of the current elemental seasons that are active.  Could this be that two new elemental seasons are on the way in the major update planned by the end of the year?  Note that this particular image was taken down, and savvy reporters on Reddit had saved a copy to be hosted on other sites.

This second one shows a four-star Halloween Henry (third row, fourth character).  Currently, he is only available as a five-star unit, let alone a seasonal unit that released in 2017.  Could this be hinting at a new way of acquiring past seasonal units, at lower rarities?

Do you still play Fire Emblem Heroes?  What are your thoughts on these topics?  Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Learning with Sharena]