Why Kirby Survived Galeem in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sakurai wrote an interesting column, and it has been translated by Source Gaming.  In this column, he goes on to explain why he chose Kirby, which was from a game design perspective along with a process of elimination.  With this explanation, it debunks the theory that it was because he had created Kirby.

According to the translation, all the characters that had normal abilities were removed from consideration immediately.  Further, the attack covered the entire galaxy, which removed characters with teleportation.  He needed a character with a vehicle that defies the laws of physics.  So, since Kirby’s Warp Star has the ability to warp, it would fit perfectly.

Additionally, the only other fighters that were given major consideration were Bayonetta and Palutena.  Bayonetta’s enemies from another world were turned into spirits so that is why she was unable to escape.  Other divine beings including Hades were turned into spirts, which is why Palutena did not survive.  Sakurai also wanted a fighter who was easy to use, which Kirby also checked this box as well.

Though I personally wonder why Mega Man couldn’t escape via his teleport mechanic.  But that falls into the teleportation distance mentioned.  You can check out more details from the column by clicking the link.

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Also, be sure you check out the full translation by Source Gaming. They put a ton of work into translating this article, so show them some love!

[Source: Source Gaming]