Is the Switch Warping in the Dock? *Update*

According to reddit user _NSR, their Switch is warping on the right side, rather cleanly I might add. However, some things do not add up. Having read through the comments, it’s implied that the console hasn’t left the dock, and the owners have been playing the game system a lot. I have checked mine, and aside from the cheap screen protector bubbling up again (that’s heat related and a hint of me not putting the protector on right), I have not seen any warping. If anything, this is either a manufacturing variation or an elaborate hoax. I’m leaning towards the former.

What could be causing this? There are quite a few factors that can go in to something bending or warping. Having worked on people’s iPads, iPhones, and computers on a regular basis, I have noticed that people can be particularly rough with their electronics. So the big thing is heat. The heat of the console could be too much, but the ABS plastic housing of the console shouldn’t warp unless a lot of heat is applied. The RF shield and LCD can also warp and contort thin plastics if they are purposely bent. The battery could also be bulging, which is another common problem in the mobile age.

Below are the images I’m questioning:

Here’s a close up of the problem. The main issue I have with this being legit is that the angles are too far off and exact. On top of that, the cover for games wouldn’t be warped, because it’s a separate part.

This is something else I have noticed: a bulge in the plastic over the battery, which implies a battery problem. When batteries expand, they cause pressures on other parts of the case.

I can’t say for sure that this isn’t a problem, especially with the claim that Switch docks are scratching Switches too. However, my professional opinion is that there has been likely more than one case of people being overly rough with their Switch, and they are trying to pass the blame off on Nintendo.


It appears there is some manufacturers defect with a few units. Whether it’s the result of someone packing the console too hard or playtime is yet to be confirmed.