More Details on Super Mario Maker 2

While Super Mario Maker 2 was only part of the sizzle real for the Nintendo Direct, it did have three separate parts of the Treehouse Live. There was a variety of things discussed and shown during those segments. In addition, some interviews revealed some additional details as well.

Some of the details picked up during E3 were the following:

  • Online with friends is coming a future update
  • Enemies inside the clear pipes are immune to fireballs
  • The Koopa car gets destroyed if hit three times. Can also be used to defeat enemies, or hurt bosses like Bowser.
  • Mystery Mushroom is not returning. It’s also likely that the weird mushroom is gone as well. The Mega mushroom is returning however.
  • It was shown if a player is having difficulty within a level, a special editor mode gets enabled and the player can select a few items to assist them, like hard blocks, power-ups, etc. It is unknown if this is exclusive to story mode, or if player levels will have this option or will have customization.
  • Side-way Thwomps instantly kill Mario when crushed against a wall.