New Elements in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Nintendo surprised us in February 2022 with a new version of Mario Strikers, subtitled Battle League. Interestingly, they are now calling the game you play Strike, rather than football or soccer, like in previous games.

At the time it was announced, we did not know much about it, but today, they dropped an overview trailer (see below), which describes how this version is different than the previous GameCube and Wii games. The electric fence, no rules, and 5v5 soccer-style battles are back, but there are some new elements.

Team Tackle: Bump your teammate to cover extra ground on your tackle.

Hyper Strike: Grab a Strike Orb, charge it up, and shoot. If you make the powered up shot, you’ll get two points instead of one.

Unique Characters: Battle League allow for five different characters on your team, each with their own stats, rather than having all of the same characters on your team. Each character can also be upgraded up by leveling up your gear.

Strikers Club: Compete each season with others in your club (up to 20 members) for rankings and promotions against other clubs. Your club’s ranking will move up and down depending how you do, and your rank at the end of the season will determine where you are next season.

If you want to play with friends, you can compete in local play with up to eight players. And if you want to go online, you can have up to two players on one Switch system, similar to the Wii version.

Mario Strikers: Battle League will drop on the Nintendo Switch eShop and retail stores on June 10, 2022.