New Indie Titles Coming to Switch

Today, Nintendo aired a broadcast covering upcoming Indie games that will be available starting next month and all the way through early 2018.  Here’s a listing of what they covered:

Super Meatboy Forever — Switch (2018)
Shovel Knight: King of Cards — Switch & 3DS (Early 2018)
Mom Hid My Game — Switch & 3DS (Late 2017)
Golf Story — Switch (Sept. 2017)
Floor Kids — Switch (Holiday 2017)
Wulver Blade — Switch (Sept. 2017)
Poly Bridge — Switch (Holiday 2017)
Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition — Switch (Early 2018)
Earth Atlantis — Switch (Fall 2017)
Next Up Hero — Switch (Early 2018)
SteamWorld Dig 2 — Switch (Sept. 21, 2017)
Mulaka — Switch (Early 2018)
Yolo and the Celestial Elephants — Switch (Oct. 12, 2017)
Dragon Marked for Death — Switch (Winter 2017-2018)
Battle Chef Brigade — Switch (Holiday 2017)
Morphies Law — Switch (Winter 2017-2018)
Sausage Sports Club — Switch (Fall 2017)
Light Fingers — Switch (Early 2018)
Nine Parchments — Switch (Holiday 2017)
No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again— Switch (2018)

This is a certainly a large list of upcoming games, and quality games at that.  The one I am most excited for is SteamWorld Dig 2, as I absolutely loved the original on the 3DS.  I am eager to see how they expand on a such a fun game.  The other most anticipated title I’m looking forward to is Shovel Knight: King of Cards.  We had talked with Yacht Club Games a few months ago, and I can’t wait to see how this story will continue with King Knight’s adventure.  Here’s the entire broadcast in case you missed it: