New Pokémon Snap Release Date Revealed

The long-awaited sequel to the 1999 N64 game now has an official release date of April 30, 2021, for $59.99. Get your cameras ready!

It was revealed that the game takes place in the Lental Region. “Filled with diverse ecosystems, from dense jungles to vast deserts, the archipelago of the region is an untouched natural marvel, packed to the brim with Pokémon just waiting to be discovered! Players will take on the role of a budding Pokémon photographer and work with the Lental region expert, Professor Mirror, and his assistant, Rita, on an ecological survey to photograph Pokémon thriving in nature.” Just like the first game, the professor will evaluate and score players’ photos taken on their adventures. The goal is to take many photos and use highest-scoring shots to fill out their Photodex, a collection of Pokémon photographs.

New Pokémon Snap releases on April 30, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to buy digitally, it will take 6.8 GB.