Next Super Mario Bros. 35 Special Battle Revealed for December 10, 2020

This next event will test your late game NES Mario skills.

The Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account has confirmed the next special battle for the upcoming weekend. According to their tweet, “Let’s take a trip outside of the castle for the next #SuperMarioBros35 Special Battle! This weekend, conquer challenging courses from World 7 and 8 while dodging attacks to unlock more paths to victory!”.

Worlds 7-1 through 7-3 and Worlds 8-1 through 8-3 will appear. This event will run from the Thursday, December 10 (11 p.m. pst) to Sunday, December 13 (11:00 p.m. pst).

Super Mario Bros. 35 is a free game that is available for Nintendo Switch Online members. It will be delisted after March 31, 2021.