Next Super Mario Bros. 35 Special Battle Revealed for November 6, 2020

The Super Mario Bros. 35 events continue with Bowser now dominating the course variety.

Nintendo UK has announced this week’s Super Mario Bros. 35 special battle. According to their Twitter: “It’s time for a showdown with Bowser in this week’s fiery Super Mario Bros 35 Special Battle! Tough it out in a special battle featuring Bowser’s Castle courses!”

The following courses will appear: 1-1, 1-4, 2-1, 2-4, 3-1, 3-4, 4-1, 4-4. Be prepared to be sent many Bowsers by other players.

While the UK time is from 8 a.m. on Friday, November 6 to 7:59 a.m. on Monday, November 9, given previous weeks North American players can expect this event to start at 12 a.m. on November 6 and end at 11:59 p.m. on November 8.

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