Nintendo Only Bringing Zelda to E3 June 2016

Out of all the announcements to come out of the briefing, perhaps the most surprising one is that the Legend of Zelda for Wii U will be the only title available to play at E3 this year.  They will likely have their typical Nintendo Direct to cover all of the other game announcements, but this is surely a surprise to those lucky enough to attend the conference.  This will be the only Nintendo-published game at the Nintendo booth.  The other part of the surprise is that Nintendo will not be revealing what the NX is during E3 as well.  This has me perplexed to Nintendo’s strategy as typically they have always used E3 to announce new hardware.  Since they had also announced that the NX is scheduled to launch in March 2017, one would think we would see the reveal in June.  What do you think of this announcement?  As I was unable to make the conference this year, it does not bother me quite as much.  If I had chosen to go this year, I would like to think I would be incredibly disappointed with this announcement.