Nintendo Reveals Details on Upcoming Mobile Games

Nintendo announced during their financial briefing on upcoming mobile games they have planned for this year.  Previously we knew they would launch three mobile games/apps on the IOS and Android stores this year.  Well, the other two titles that will sit next to Miitomo will be a game in the Fire Emblem franchise, and a game in the Animal Crossing franchise.  Both of these games will be practically normal entries within their respective series.  There will be some sort of connection for the Animal Crossing game that will tie into the console version.  Could this mean an upcoming Animal Crossing game, or will there be an update to the existing Animal Crossing New Leaf game on the Nintendo 3DS?  Nintendo will provide additional updates closer to the launch period for both games.

[Featured image: Wii U virtual console game, not related to mobile game]

[Source: Nintendo PR]