Nintendo Labo Potentially Discontinued

After the shutdown of the North American Nintendo Labo website, Nintendo’s edutainment product for Switch could be on its way out.

This news comes by way of Twitter user, Akfamilyhome who made an interesting observation:

Clicking the link in the tweet will take you to the Labo VR Kit store page. This implies that all other Labo kits have been discontinued, but Nintendo’s way of virtual reality may still be available for the time being.

Interestingly, Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers claims that we will receive one more Nintendo Labo-related announcement.

Certain games, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey feature optional compatibility with certain Labo creations, so anything is possible.

Nintendo Labo is a line of toys-to-life, cardboard construction sets that were first revealed and released in 2018. Designed for kids, it utilizes the power of the IR sensor in the right Joycon with special cardboard materials and teaches basic engineering. It managed to sell 1 million units in its first year. Since 2018, only four kits were released with the last one, Labo VR Kit releasing in April 2019.

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