Nintendo & Niantic Teams Up for an AR Pikmin App

Looks like the Pikmin will be sprouting on a mobile device near you.

Nintendo has announced that they are partnering up with Niantic (developers of Pokemon Go) to “jointly develop apps that combine Niantic’s real-world AR technology with Nintendo’s beloved characters.” The first app will be based on the Pikmin series and it will contain “gameplay activities designed to encourage walking and make the activity more enjoyable.” It is being developed a new Niantic studio in Tokyo and is set to release later in 2021.

You can pre-register for the game here:

The press release also states that Shigeru Miyamoto is involved with the app. Miyamoto had this to say: “Niantic’s AR technology has made it possible for us to experience the world as if Pikmin are secretly living all around us.”

Are you looking forward this new partnership for more Nintendo AR experiences in the future? Comment down below!