Nintendo Switch Lite – Pokemon Sword and Shield Edition

After the Nintendo Switch Lite announcement, there was an announcement for the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacia and Zamazenta edition to coincide with the release of Pokemon: Sword and Shield. This editions is features a light grey console with pink and blue buttons and analog sticks to go with the color theme of the 2 games. On the back we can see the two new legendary Pokemon, Zacia and Zamazenta etched into the back.

This is definitely a system for the Pokemon collector and anyone planning on getting a Switch Lite. The only downside is while the regular versions of the Switch Lite releases in September, this special edition will release on November 8 with the new games. It will also be $199.99 USD. Both Pokemon games will need to be purchased separately.

Are you a big Pokemon collector? If so, will you be getting this awesome addition? Let us know down in the comments below.

[Source: PR Email from Nintendo of America]