Nintendo Switch OLED Still Does Not Tick All the Boxes

After months of development, the Switch console is finally getting an upgrade. Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing an OLED version of Switch in October 2021. The new console will be available for purchase all over the world, and it will cost approximately $350 US. Nevertheless, the OLED screen may be an upgrade that came a little bit too late, as Switch needed bigger improvements, especially considering that Nintendo is not considering the development of a ninth-generation gaming system.

Browsing the Internet Should Not Be This Hard

Getting an OLED version of Nintendo Switch will improve certain aspects of the user experience, but it will not bring the solutions Nintendo players have been looking for. Unlike its competition, Switch is missing a reliable Internet browser. Players can find ways to access the Internet and to visit anything from sports websites to websites containing information about themed slots and casino games, but there is a lot missing in terms of browser functionality. Paying more than $350 for a new gaming gadget should come with all the necessary applications and having to follow multiple steps in order to adjust the console’s Internet access settings does not translate to “optimal user experience.” Moreover, with access to a stable internet browser, people could have also enjoyed online games such as betting or slot games such as Zoome casino, which may not be available on the Switch. This could have targeted a large crowd to invest in the gaming device and improved the product’s market.

However, we must give the credit to the new device where it’s due. The upcoming Switch model might not be great, but it is still a better model than the current Nintendo console, which can almost be considered anachronistic. The colours will be more vivid; your gaming experience will not be affected if you are sitting in a very bright environment and games with lower graphic quality will start looking better. In terms of hardware, Nintendo has slightly increased the dimensions of the console and has also made a few adjustments in order to increase the portability and the connectivity of the device.

A number of Nintendo-loyal players feel that the Japanese gaming giants should have done better when developing the upgraded version of Switch. Many would have preferred a Switch console that will be up to par with PS4 Pro and not just a console that comes with OLED. If the rumours are true, then a Switch 4K console should be under development and players should expect to see it hit the market at some point in 2022. This might not feel as much of a development, as it will have been more than a year since gaming entered its ninth generation, but Nintendo never cared about releasing superpowered gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Putting the Focus on a Different Gaming Audience

It is no secret that Nintendo does not try to attract hardcore gamers looking for extremely demanding titles. The Nintendo devices are designed in order to offer a fun gaming experience to players of all ages and not to run games such as Death Stranding and Halo. Knowing that it becomes easier to understand why Nintendo is not playing in the same league as Sony and Microsoft. Switch players will not be disappointed because of the basic graphics of Mario and Zelda games because their console offers something that PS and Xbox devices do not offer; portability.