Nintendo Switch Surpasses 3DS Sales with 79 Million Units

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has released their hardware numbers for the third fiscal quarter of the 2020-2021 fiscal year, which covers October 1st to December 31st.

The big news is that Nintendo’s popular hyrbid platform is now approaching 80 million sales worldwide, surpassing the 3DS. To be exact, Switch is now at 79.87 million sales while 3DS has finished at 75.94 million sales. Switch is currently the fifth best-selling dedicated hardware from Nintendo. The next hardware milestone for the Switch is the GBA, which finished at a LTD of 81.51 million.

The Switch family of systems sold 11.57 million units in the quarter, with a breakdown of 8.34 million for the flagship model and 3.16 for the Lite. There were 75.85 million sales of software for the quarter. Nintendo goes on to mention that “Q3 results exceeded the same period last year, for the largest showing since launch.” They also updated their forecast, expecting to sell 26.5 million of Switch systems in the fiscal year as opposed to 24 million. They are currently at 24.1 million.

Other details include net sales for “dedicated videogame platform” receiving a 38.4% increase year-over-year and the operating income was 229.674 billion yen (2.189b USD). Digital sales made 256 billion yen (2.4b) with a 104% increase year-on-year, and had a 40.9% proportion (12.3% increase). Mobile made 42 billion yen (400m), a 13.8% increase year-on-year.