Officially Licensed “Overwatch” Case for Nintendo Switch Leaked

On August 26th, the company PowerA listed an Amazon page for an “Overwatch” themed Switch case. The listing stated that the product was “Officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment”. The case sports the slick “Overwatch” gray and yellow color scheme. The page was quickly removed after being posted all over Twitter.

This leak has many Nintendo and Blizzard fans speculating about potential further collaboration between the companies. Some fans think that “Overwatch” might be coming to switch. Others have a made a connection between this and a new 4-Chan leak which stated that the newest smash character would be a woman. This has led to some people to believe that Tracer (Overwatch’s mascot) is going to be added to smash. While the latter is definitely a stretch, this collaboration is still very exciting.

[Source: Wario64 Twitter Account]