Persona 3 Portable & Persona 4 Golden Releasing January 19, 2023

For the first time, two older, but beloved Persona games will be available on a Nintendo platform in the beginning of next year.

Back in June, the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase revealed that the mainline Persona games would finally be on Switch. Persona 5 Royal was announced to be releasing on October 21 while Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden would release in 2023. The latter two games finally have a release date of January 19. The news was announced via a tweet after the Persona Super Live 2022 concert:

While the tweet shows Microsoft platforms, it also states “modern platforms” which most likely includes Switch. Persona 3 Portable originally released for PSP in 2010 and is a enhanced port of the PS2 2007 Persona 3 game while Persona 4 Golden originally released for PS Vita and is a enhanced port of the PS2 2008 Persona 4 game.

How excited are you for classic Persona games releasing on Switch? Comment down below!