Pokémon Shuffle 3DS Updated to Version 1.3.0

Pokémon Shuffle on the Nintendo 3DS gets a 1.3.0 update. Let’s check out what’s included!

For those who prefer the written word instead of video, I’ve quoted The Pokémon Company’s own blog post below:

New Features Are Coming to Pokémon Shuffle!

Pokémon Shuffle for Nintendo 3DS is getting its second major update.

Update Pokémon Shuffle for your system in the Nintendo 3DS family to start experiencing a bunch of cool new features! Take a look at what’s in store once you perform this update.

Previously, the maximum level that a Pokémon could reach in Pokémon Shuffle was 10. Using the new Enhancement that was added with this update, Raise Max Level, it becomes possible to increase a Pokémon’s max level even higher. There is a set limit to how many times you can use a Raise Max Level on each particular Pokémon. As of March 23, 2016, there will be 23 Pokémon that you can use this Enhancement on. The number of Pokémon available and the number of times the Enhancement can be used are expected to gradually increase over time.

A number of other Enhancements have also been added, which will be useful for battles and for making your Pokémon stronger. Three levels of Exp. Booster will increase their Exp. Points. A Level Up will raise your Pokémon’s level by one. Discover all the great Enhancements to improve your Pokémon!

This update also introduces Survival Mode! In this mode, you can battle against Pokémon one after another to try to reach a new record. You will take on this challenge with the first four Support Pokémon that you pick—you cannot change Pokémon midway through your challenge. You have a limited number of moves to complete as many stages as you can, and when you run out of all of your moves, that will be the end of your challenge.

The new Mission Cards feature allows you to play while clearing special missions written on different cards. These Mission Cards come with all kinds of special tasks for you to complete, such as “Defeat Pikachu using an Electric-type Pokémon!” When you complete missions, you will receive points based on how difficult the missions are. Based on the number of points that you get, you can receive a variety of rewards.

Amelia, the character who guides you through the tutorial in this game, has more to share with you in the latest update! She will tell you how much she recommends a particular Pokémon in this new feature.

Some other more minor changes have been added to make Pokémon Shuffle even more fun. It’s easier to see which Pokémon you’ve caught as you browse the stages, as well as to move between stages and zones. Recommended levels are now displayed so you can be prepared before you enter. And finally, the list of your Pokémon is even better, with more information about your Pokémon clearly displayed.

Have fun discovering all the exiting new updates in the new version of Pokémon Shuffle for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family!

[Source: The official Pokémon Blog]