Producer of Famicom Detective Club Remakes Would Like to Make a New Entry

Mages Inc., the developer of the recent Famicom Detective Club remakes, appears to not yet be done with the long dormant IP.

One of the biggest surprises from Nintendo in 2021 was the localization of the Famicom Detective Club remakes. Nintendo teamed up with visual novel developer, Mages, to remake the two Famicom Disk System adventure games from the late 80s. Makoto Asada, the producer of the remakes at Mages, has expressed interest in making a new entry in the series during an interview with Famitsu.

As translated by Nintendo Everything, Asada says:

“Our goal for the project was to create the pinnacle of 2D text adventure games, so we actually used development techniques originally planned for other games as well. Thanks to Nintendo and their development team, we made the best game we possible could, but looking back, we were quite reckless. How will we ever make something this good again? (laughs) We developed a fair amount of know-how working on the game, expertise I’d like to one day use on a new Famicom Detective Club one day.”

The remakes of Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind were announced for a localization during the February 2021 Direct and were released worldwide on May 14 for Nintendo Switch.

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