Retro Studios Searching for a Lead Producer

Retro Studios, a Nintendo first-party studio best known for the Metroid Prime series, has announced they are hiring for a lead producer. The Texas-based studio said, on Twitter, “We are looking for a Lead Producer to join us on our journey to develop Metroid Prime 4!”

The company also provides a link, taking you to the official Nintendo careers site. Among the Lead Producer job opening, are many other positions including Lead Graphics Engineer, Senior Level Designer, Lead Animator, Concept Artist, and Boss/AI Designer. 

It was announced last year by Shinya Takahashi, the Senior Managing Executive Officer of Nintendo that Retro Studios would take over development of Metroid Prime 4 and would be starting from scratch. Whether or not this announcement tells anything about the state of the project, remains to be seen. Due to these job openings, it would make sense if the project is still in the early stages. 

Metroid Prime 4 was announced at Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight presentation as simply a logo. Nintendo then clarified that Retro Studios would not be the developer, but Kensuke Tanabe, Senior Officer of Nintendo EPD would still be the executive producer. The game was to be developed by a new team, which was later rumored to be a studio under Bandai-Namco.  

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