REVIEW – Arsonist Heaven

Are you ready to set something ablaze? Not only will you light the enemies on fire, your rage might heat up as well. But it’s ok; there are only 20 stages. Challenge accepted!!

Armed with a standard flamethrower, flame retardant hazard suit, and a jet pack you’re well equipped to exterminate the mutants running around, all so you can get paid. Some mega-corporation is paying you to get rid of these nasty mutations, and after every fifth level, there is a very unforgiving boss. Some levels will have weapon upgrades, though, which are heavily needed to kill the mutants with ease.

This retro-inspired game is described as a 2D platformer, but when tackling the enemies, it has strong puzzle-game vibes. All of said enemies are on a predetermined course from which they do not deviate. What that means is you can be standing right next to them and light them up. Some will also shoot projectiles, while a few will jump if you’re in proximity of their course. You have no lives but if you die in a level you start it completely over, meaning if you make one mistake on the last few enemies of the level and die, you start the level over with all of the enemies back in place. The bosses are very unforgiving, and this is where precision jumping and timing will be the essential key to defeating them.

The controls are very tight, though, and they have to be for the platforming aspects. Using the jet pack is a breeze, as well, but managing the fuel is frustrating, even though it does slowly regenerate.

This game will not be for everyone. The easily frustrated and those looking for a quick clear will not enjoy it. The style reminds me of NES games and their unforgiving difficulty, along with the need for level memorization.

I enjoyed my time with the game, though, once I learned how to handle the enemies and manage my ammo and health, especially for the last few levels. If you do want a challenge, then the price of entry is low and it’s on every modern platform.

+ low price
+ tight controls
+ retro nostalgia

– high difficulty
– no replay value
– left wanting more

Game Title: Arsonist Heaven
Platforms: PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
MSRP: $4.99
Release Date: July 27, 2022
Obtained: code provided by developer/publisher for press purposes