REVIEW – Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together! (Switch)

If you just bought a Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you should get one more game currently found in the Switch eShop, called Snipperclips. Whereas Zelda is an amazing single-player game, Snipperclips is my favorite multiplayer game from the Switch launch.

Snipperclips places you in the boots of Snip and Clip, two characters made of paper. When they overlap, they can cut each other into different shapes to solve puzzles like getting a pencil into a sharpener, dunking a bowling ball, getting a bug in a cage, and transporting eggs. Whatever the puzzle, when you and your partner figure it out, there are high fives galore. While my wife and I played, we found ourselves saying things to each other that I didn’t know we would ever say, like, “Snip a little off my top,” “Cut me into a pointy object,” and “Stand on my head.” We loved every minute of it!

While you could play Snipperclips on your own by controlling the both characters, it is exponentially more fun with at least one other person. It is an absolute blast when two people can come together on the couch and work towards a common goal. In this game Nintendo shows, again, why they are the kings of couch co-op games. There are a total of 45 puzzles for one to two players stretched out over three worlds, with 15 puzzles per world. There are also 20 other puzzles for three to four players. The only downside to that is the need for two extra Joy-Con controllers to finish those puzzles.

There are also three competitive modes of Basketball, Air Hockey, and Dojo. You can compete for the most baskets, the most goals, or who is left standing after a cutting battle. My wife really enjoyed those modes, but she is also a very competitive person. I usually just play around and crack jokes. I am quite the “cut-up” (Snipperclips pun intended) when we play games together, and Snipperclips offers many moments of laughter and fun.

The graphics for Snipperclips are, in one word, adorable. The characters look wonderful. While you are cutting the other character, their facial expressions really made me smile. Sometimes, they make expressions that show appreciation, but other times, they look very concerned with what you were doing to them. The backgrounds are also very well done. There are three themes used for the three worlds: office supplies, retro reboot, and science/discovery. I like the graph paper in the office supply-look the best, mostly because it just makes more sense with the characters, but they all look great.

The music and sound in Snipperclips are light-hearted and fun. I thought it fit the tone of the game perfectly. The sounds when you cut the other character also make the experience even more enjoyable. The music, however, can get a little repetitive at times, but the small soundtrack never hindered my experience.

One complaint about Snipperclips is that it is too short. You can basically complete and unlock everything in one day. I would love more puzzles and more competitive challenges. Although, it is definitely worth the price of $19.99 price tag. There is also no Pro-Controller support, so if you want to play the three to four-player puzzles, you need an extra set of Joy-Cons. Otherwise, Snipperclips is all joy and very little con – a must-buy for any Nintendo Switch owner. It really shows off the fun multiplayer aspects of the Nintendo Switch. I also can’t wait until we can play as Snip and Clip in the next Smash Bros. game – make it happen Nintendo!

If you haven’t picked up Snipperclips, you owe it to yourself to play this game. The puzzles and characters are fun, and the time you will have with friends is wonderful. So go cut it out together!

Final Score: 8/10


  • Fun multiplayer
  • Adorable characters
  • Enjoyable puzzles
  • Creative and unique experience


  • Little replay-value
  • Needs more stages and competitive modes