Rumor: Smash Bros. an NX Launch Title?

A new rumor circulating on Twitter suggests that Nintendo’s next console, the mysterious NX, will launch with at least one of the company’s biggest franchises on board: Super Smash Bros.

Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Japanese gaming consultant firm Kantan Games, broke the news on Twitter:

With no release date given, nor any information on whether this supposed new Smash is truly new or perhaps a port of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, we’re still going to classify this as a rumor. Dr. Toto is an established and well-connected source in Japanese gaming culture, though, so there is still reason to pay close attention to his remarks.

NX rumors are swirling as the gaming crowd awaits further word from Nintendo. Many reports speculate a 2016 launch of Nintendo’s newest hardware, while others suggest the NX will be compatible with PCs, smartphones and even rival consoles such as the PlayStation 4. One thing is for sure: NX is nearly here, and Nintendo is going to open up about it in the coming months. When that happens, we’ll be here to let you know.

Source: Dr. Serkan Toto on Twitter