Sega Making a Mega Drive Mini and Bringing 15+ Games to Nintendo Switch eShop

After the success of the NES and SNES Classic Editions, it is obvious the gaming world cannot get enough miniaturized consoles. Fans even begged Nintendo to bring back the NES mini after its cancelation.

Sega decided they want some of the action too. So, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Mega Drive, on Friday, they announced the Mega Drive Mini (tentative name). The miniature console will function similarly to Nintendo’s Classic Editions of the NES and SNES, as it will come pre-loaded with a set number of Mega Drive games. There is no word yet on how many games and if you can add more later, but they do plan on launching it in 2018.

Clearly, Sega has turned a page in their strategy. In contrast to their 90’s slogan of “Sega does what Nintendon’t,” now Sega does what Nintendid.

Speaking of Nintendo, Sega also recently announced they are bringing more than 15 classic games to the Nintendo Switch eShop with a name that will make palindrome-loving people extremely happy. The “Sega Ages” line will contain Sonic the HedgehogPhantasy StarThunder Force 4, and more. Some Sega fans might remember the Sega Ages lineup for PlayStation 2. There is no word yet if this will be the same collection or not. Although, M2, the same team behind that line and the 3D Classics line on Nintendo 3DS will also be responsible for this set of games.

We have discussed numerous times on our podcast about the need for Nintendo to keep giving fans what they want — classic games. In our last episode, we even mentioned how we were surprised other developers and publishers have not jumped on the absence of a Switch Virtual Console to release their own games as a part of a collection. It seems Sega has also saw this desire, and they are ready to cash-in.

What do you think of these announcements? Will you get the Mega Drive Mini? Will you download any of the Sega Ages games on the Nintendo Switch eShop? Let us know in the comments!