Shin Megami Tensei V Release Date May Have Been Leaked

First revealed at the January 2017 Switch event, the highly anticipated Atlus RPG may have had its scheduled release date and other details leaked via the Japanese website.

The Japanese SMT V official website was accidentally updated with details on release date, gameplay, and story. Persona Central was able to report and capture screenshots before it was all pulled away:

The release date for the game appears to be November 11, 2021. Since the game was announced last year to be a simultaneous worldwide release, this date may also apply for the west. The Japanese website also says the game will launch with a limited edition called “Forbidden Naobino box”. It is unknown if the limited edition will make its way west.

One description for the game includes: “Shin Megami Tensei V combines the unique charm of the series with the high quality visuals of the latest hardware. The game will deliver a new demon experience like never before.” Details for the story can be found here.

Since this information was pulled, it is likely accurate. We may find out at E3 2021.