Splatoon 2 Updates, Another ARMS Gains a New Character, and Rocket League Exclusives

Just yesterday, we posted a GameChat here at NintendoFuse on Splatoon 2. In that video, I said something to the effect of Splatoon is never done rolling out new items. They haven’t disappointed me with their newest announcements at Gamescom. Not only have we been given new Splatoon info, but they also dropped a few more news items. Here are some new things we have heard from Nintendo recently.

First off, we are getting two new maps in Splatoon 2. One for the Turf Wars or Ranked Battles, and one for the new Co-Op Mode: Salmon Run. We are getting the new map for Turf Wars/Ranked Battles this weekend and the map for Salmon Run is live now. The map for Turf War/Ranked Battles is called Manta Maria and is, you guessed it, a large boat. Not the Santa Maria, but the Manta Maria. The Salmon Run stage is called Lost Outpost, and is a little place in the middle of the water that has been revived, and I guess it is safe to do some Salmon hunting on it now. Both of these maps look pretty great, and let’s face it is always a great thing when we can get new content from Splatoon.

That wasn’t even the end of it from Splatoon 2. They are also giving us a new weapon in a week called the Forge Splattershot Pro and it also comes with a special that we have never seen before: The Bubble Blower. It will be released on September 1, just in time for the new Splatfest. I have to be honest, the Bubble Blower doesn’t look too great to me, just seems a little slow for how I like to play Splatoon, but I am excited to try it out next week. Even if I don’t use it much, I am excited about all the variety that is coming to Splatoon 2. What do you think about the Splatoon 2 updates headed our way in the next week or so?

Next up: Arms. Yes, that game many of us have forgotten about since Splatoon 2 has come out. It is still a lot of fun. We are getting a new character and she is a clown. Her name is Lola Pop. She seems to be pretty fast and when you block with her, her pants expand and create a barrier to stop you. I think it is great to have a new character, we need something to bring more people back to boxing with those arms. There will also be another Global Testpunch this Friday-Sunday for anyone who has not played the game yet. I was a little surprised to see that they were doing another Testpunch, but I guess it makes sense for anyone who doesn’t already have the game. Just put a demo out there for all-time Nintendo.

And finally, for all of you Rocket League fans, we got to see some new cars today that will work with the Nintendo Switch version. There is a Mario car, Luigi car, and my personal favorite the Samus/Metroid car. I am looking forward to scoring some goals with that sweet Metroid ride.

So, what do you think about some of these news items from Nintendo recently?