Starting Today, Switch Owners Can Use My Nintendo Gold Coins Towards Purchases

After today’s maintenance on Nintendo Switch, Switch owners will be able to start using their collected gold coins towards purchasing digital Switch games. Overall, this seems like a good move for those who prefer to buy digital. But for those who prefer physical there is going to be a lot of animosity towards Nintendo on how the point differences are calculated.

This program is run a bit like how the Digital Deluxe program on the Wii U. Owners of a specific console SKU would receive vouchers for money back in code form from a now defunct website, with the minimum┬ábeing 5 dollars on the Wii U you could “cash out” on. This one does allow you to spend your points directly and it doesn’t matter if you’re in Canada or the US, 1 point is 1 cent. Maybe it’s time to consider digital?