Super Mario 3D All-Stars Update 1.1.0 Brings Inverted Camera Control

Looks like the plumber’s 3D collection will receive its second update, almost 2 months after its initial release, giving camera options.

The official Nintendo Twitter account has announced the following:

“A free software update is coming to #SuperMario3DAllStars on 11/16 that adds a new inverted camera control setting for all three games.”

This was a highly requested feature especially for those who grew up playing Super Mario Sunshine which was permanently inverted. After the first update, it was highly speculated that Nintendo would be updating this collection since emulators can bring up many issues. Here’s hoping they continue to update it before it is delisted at the end of March. Better yet, maybe patch out the expiration date?

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is available for the Nintendo Switch.