Super Mario Maker 2 Update Adds a Familiar Hero and More

Today, Nintendo announced a new free update to Super Mario Maker 2, adding more amazing content to the already jam packed game. A few new items have been added to the game such as: P Blocks, Dash Blocks, Frozen Coins, Spike and Pokey. They will allow players to create even more interesting levels.

Another big addition was the inclusion of Ninji Speed Runs. In this mode, you will complete levels as fast as you can with little Ninji signifying other players who ran through the level. Use it to compete for the best time and see the best techniques to tackle other players levels. Doing so may even help you win some stamps, costumes, and temporary stars that spin around you avatar.

One of the biggest additions to the game was the inclusion of a new item, the Master Sword. Yes, you read that right, the faithful sword from the Legend of Zelda has been added into the game. Obtaining it will allow you to become the Hero of Hyrule himself, Link. Very reminiscent of the Amiibo from the original Mario Maker, but with a lot of added bonuses. Playing as Link will allow you to use his sword to fight monsters, including a drop attack. Along with that you also have access to Link’s traditional Bow and Arrows, and his Bombs. It looks like they put a lot of effort in really making Link stick out and be a new game mechanic outside of being a skin.

The free update drops later this week on December 5th. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this update.