Super Smash Bros. Series Tops 60 Million in Sales

In a recent investor meeting, Nintendo Co., Ltd. updated their software sales for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending in 2021 (April-June). Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed to have sold another 1.19 million units. Its lifetime sales numbers are currently at 19.99 million. Because of these sales, the long-running and beloved Super Smash Bros. series has now crossed 60 million sales worldwide!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best-selling in its series. But where do the other games fall in terms of sales?

The following list ranks the Super Smash Bros. series games by sale numbers: 

  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) – 19.99 million 
  2. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (2014)— 14.96 m
  3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)— 13.32 m
  4. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)— 7.09 m
  5. Super Smash Bros. (1999)— 4.90 m (Only U.S. and Japan data)

The Super Smash Bros. series debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Starting out as a Nintendo crossover fighting game, the series expanded to including third-party characters as well. The most recent game contains 88 fighters as the game enters its second season pass of DLC. The creator, Masahiro Sakurai, has continued to be the series director.