Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenger Pack 8 to Release December 22, 2020

Challenger Pack 8 which includes Sephiroth, the third fighter in Volume 2 of the Fighters Pass has been announced to be launching on December 22, 2020; although, you have the ability to unlock him now.

Sakurai held a presentation demonstrating Sephiroth. His main feature is his long sword which gives the largest reach of any sword fighter in the roster. His neutral B is Flare which can be charged for MegaFlare and GigaFlare. Other moves include Shadow Flare, Blade Dash, Ocataslash, and Scintilla (counter). His final smash is Supernova which wipes out entire planets. His base design is based on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII while one of his alt coatless design is from FF7.

As part of this challenger pack, the mii costumes included will be Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Chocobo Hat, and Geno. The stage will be “Northern Cave” which is from the final boss fight of the original FF7. Nine music tracks will be included with 4 being arrangements and they will also be added to the Midgar stage as well. The update will also change Cloud’s Final Smash when he has his Advent Children costume on to Omnislash Ver. 5. Of course, Sephiroth will also bring another set of DLC spirits which are all from FF7.

Challenger Pack 8 will arrive on December 22; however, you can take part in the limited time event, “Sephiroth Challenge,” right now. It will end on the 22nd and is only available to those who have bought the Fighters Pass. It allows the player to fight Sephiroth in a difficult Smash match. Anyone who defeats Sephiroth, unlocks him and his stage early before the official release date.

Can you defeat him or will you wait a week?