Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Receiving Paper Mario: The Origami King Spirits

The newest Paper Mario game will be receiving representation in Super Smash Bros. in the form of spirits.

Three new spirits from Paper Mario: The Origami King will appear in the constantly evolving spirit board mode, starting on August 27 at 11pm PT through September 1. The Nintendo VS Twitter account also specifies that defeating them will earn you extra gold. 

If the picture in the announcement is anything to go by, the three representing spirts will be Olivia, King Olly, and Origami Peach. This isn’t the first appearance of Paper Mario: The Origami King characters in different game since they also appeared in the Tetris 99 15th Maximus Cup online event

The addition of these three spirits will bring the total spirit count in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to 1427.

Are you excited for these new spirts? Feel free to comment below!