SURPRISE! A New Publisher for the Switch has appeared!

With how well the Switch has been selling, companies are eager to bring more games to the platform. A brand new publishing company has joined the growing list to bring more games to the Switch. In addition to bringing games to the Switch digitally in the future, they will also be bringing digital-only items to retail! What company is this? It’s Premium Edition Games!

Premium Edition Games will be bringing several titles to the physical realm with a bunch of extra goodies! While not every game will receive the deluxe treatment, each game will come with a slipcase, a double-sided cover, a full color manual, a logo sticker, and collectible card! This card has something special about it, but I’ll leave that as a surprise for when you receive your copy!

This was all revealed in the first ever Premium Edition Direct! The first game they are bringing out is Super Blood Hockey from Digerati Games. This old-school hockey title features great hockey action with added violence and blood to give the game its own spin! But that’s not all, as two more games were teased during the direct: the Pigeon Dev Games Collection consisting of four games along with A Robot Named Fight!

If you’re interested in pre-ordering your own copy of Super Blood Hockey, head to right now! If you’d like to see their direct, feel free to watch below!