Things You May Have Missed About Super Mario Maker 2

Anyone that listens to the podcasts knows how much I loved the first game on the Wii U. So I went through piece by piece and found many new elements that you may have missed during the ninety second trailer.

The first major change is the arrangement of the icons, which are now in a wheel, and sorted by type.

Following that, is the main editor view. However, there is a suspicious new icon with red/green suggesting one of two things. Either you can play as Luigi, or perhaps play two players.

  • Diving a little deeper, I found at least four new themes to select from (probably included in other screenshots below).
    • Desert (SMB3)
    • Snow (SMBU)
    • “Half-water” type theme – water can lower and rise (SMW)
    • Forest (SM3DW)
  • Some new elements include:
    • 10 Coin
    • Snake blocks with custom paths
    • On/Off Switch blocks. Will activate red blocks, deactivate blue blocks and hitting the switch again will reverse which are active.
    • Steep Slopes
    • Slight Slopes
    • Parachute enemies
    • Red Pipes – which may only behave like the red launchers/canons
    • Boss enemy – Boom Boom
    • Angry Sun
    • Ant Trooper (enemy)
    • Extendable Piranha plants that follow a trail
    • Hornet
    • Bully
    • Giant Fish
    • Banzi Bill (giant Bullet Bill)
    • And at least 2 other enemies I cannot easily identify
    • Clear pipes (which may be limited to SM3DW game type only)
    • Placeable shooting bills/canons for ‘third dimension’ effect (may be limited to SM3DW game type)
  • There were a few more variety in terms of the moving platforms. They may be either just larger in size or at least an option to make them bigger. There also seems to be other designs of them in action, particularly on tracks.
  • Blocks can be hit to create a wall type depending on times hit (again may be limited to a game type)
  • Appears to be an updraft type of item that will help Mario move vertically
  • Some additional level settings are now possible
    • For airship levels, you can control the height of the shifting screen
    • You can now make vertical levels, which can include the auto-scrolling variety.
    • Seems you can have it count the number of coins in your level and show players how many they’ve collected. There may be a reward item tied to it if all are collected such as a 1-up, key or power-up.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments! Here’s a gallery of other screens I took or referenced above!