Voluntary Refunds For Guitar Hero Live

Remember Guitar Hero Live? The only major music game to come to the Wii U that used plastic instruments? In case you don’t remember, Guitar Hero Live was the last title in the Guitar Hero series of games. it was panned as one of the worst among players and critics because of its radical changes to gameplay.

Activision has released a blog post today offering a voluntary refund for customers who bought the game between December 1st, 2017 and January 1st, 2019. Unfortunately those who purchased it at launch are left out. But we did learn that Guitar Hero TV, a live “DLC” service in game was shutting down. So if you still bought it to play it on Wii U sometime last year and still have a receipt or can provide a credit card statement. Activision will be happy to refund you! The refund will be in the form of a prepaid visa (or something similar). Currently the refund is only available for US customers.

Check out the link here for a claim form and more information!

Source: Guitar Hero Live Website

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  1. People are stupid, this guitar hero is the best I’ve played, so many music, very cool to play. People ask for a more realistic way to play but not hard as rocksmith, they’ve done it and people complain… . #idiocracy

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