YouTube App Now Live on Nintendo Switch

Have you been looking at your Nintendo Switch and wondering when they are going to release another streaming app on there? Up until today, we have only had Hulu and the News service, which sometimes contains game-related videos. But for those outside of Hulu’s service area, you haven’t even had the opportunity to watch videos that way.

Many of you will rejoice, then, because we now have a YouTube app on Nintendo Switch!

It looks and acts very similar to YouTube on other game consoles and streaming boxes/sticks. And all those who have used it say they are seeing much faster speeds than the Wii U version.

Head to your Nintendo Switch’s eShop to download it or just click over to Nintendo’s website. While you’re at it, you should subscribe to NintendoFuse on YouTube!

If you have already downloaded the YouTube app, what do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments!