Four New Games Including Contra Coming to Arcade Archives!

Hamster Corporation has announced four new games for their Arcade Archives line. This batch appears to be Konami dominated.

  • Contra (1987) –  Konami
  • Super Cobra (1981) – Konami
  • Super Dodge Ball (1987) – Technos Japan
  • Gradius II (known as Vulcan Venture outside Japan) (1988) – Konami

No release date or price was given for each of these games; however, they should appear on the Nintendo Switch eshop in the next few weeks. New games in the Arcade Archives line release either every Thursday or Friday, priced at $7.99. There are currently 218 ACA games on the eshop.

Are you excited for this next set of Arcade Archives to hit the eshop? Feel free to comment below!